Short traveled, long lived

Vêr is a Norwegian design firm, founded in 2015 as an environmental pilot project. Founding partners Synne Brustad and Odin Lapholm have several years of both local and international experience within the field of architecture and design. Synne’s work concerns cultural geography and place-specific attachment through a wide range of scales – from interiors to urban planning. Odin has a keen interest in graphics and futuristic design, and combines housing traditions with creative living. Like most Nordic people, we are actively engaged in outdoor sports and recreation.

For a complete list of works, please refer to our CVs.

Outsourced Norwegian industry - due to low-cost demands - is a rapidly rising trend, often resulting in complex, non-transparent supply chains. We rely exclusively on close relationships with our clients and collaborators to deliver value that exceeds that of product cost. An exhaustive amount of research is put into finding ways of sourcing, nurturing and enhancing local craft, materials and production. Interdisciplinary networking and user involvement permeates every process. Through our projects, we strive to reveal the story of every little detail - with hope that you care for your product a little better, extend its life a little longer, and add to its uniqueness.



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